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Manufacturing of Portable Machining Units
Qualified Technicians are Available for All Your On-site Machining Operations

Some tubular components, flanges, valves, high pressure valves, sealing valves, valve seats, conical seats and others, require preventive maintenance but also sometimes reparative maintenance.
Some of those components are light, easy to disassemble and consequently easy to transport.
Some maintenance or repair operations are predictable and can be easily scheduled.

On Site Machining - Manufacturer of portable machining equipment

But…Some maintenance or repair operations may require that some parts or components be re-machined or repaired in a fabrication workshop. In most cases, the following procedures will have to be followed:
– First, the part(s) will have to be disassembled.
– They will have to be carefully packaged for shipment.
– A specific shipment will have to be organized.
– If necessary, the parts will be stored awaiting the availibity of a lathe, milling machine or other processing machine.
– Several people, including material handlers and warehouse personnel will also be involved.
– A return shipment will have to be organized.
– Strict and complicated handling will have to be performed in order to avoid damaging the parts during the return shipment and re-assembly on the job site.
– Any other actions that will inevitably be necessary (particularly, if the components require re-machining, maintenance or repair, have been subjected to hazardous environments – such as ionizing radiation).

On-site machining, performed by a professional technician, with portable machining equipment, specifically adapted for the project, represents an undeniably better solution:
 -the technician travels to the job site
– the technician performs the work directly on the part to be machined.

PROTEM and SERCO machines are portable machines, designed to perform on-site high quality machining operations.
PROTEM and SERCO operators are experienced technicians, able to operate at your job site, anywhere and in any conditions.

PROTEM and SERCO technicians:

– have the required certifications
– benefit from PROTEM and SERCO’s technical knowledge and experience, (over 40 years of engineering expertise)
– know how to work with and advise our customers in order to offer customized solutions for their machining projects
– recommend machines known all over the world, for their quality, sturdiness, reliability, accuracy and precision
– are professionals who offer the industry their expertise, competency and experience

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