PUB_IMT_6The PROTEM CTA High Speed Cutting and Beveling Machine is the ideal piece of equipment for your production and prefabrication requirements! The CTA saves space in your workshop and can also be integrated into your production lines for unmatched results.

Tubes and pipes with diameters ranging from 2” to 56” (60.3 mm to 1422.4 mm) are able to be cut and beveled with PROTEM CTA Series of machines in just a few seconds! A CTA that can cut and bevel even larger diameters can be made to your special requirements upon request.
The CTA is a welded structure that comes equipped with one tool holder plate, two OD clamping systems for the pipe, and a cutting mechanism. The tube to be cut and beveled remains stationary. It is immobilized in the machine’s OD clamping device. The tool bits, which are mounted on the rotating plate are put into motion around the tube to perform the actual cut. The forward and reverse feed of the tool bits are handled mechanically during the rotation of the tool holder plate. During the cutting process, the machine also performs beveling operations on both ends. The tool holder carriages, mounted on the rotating plate, are equipped with housings that can accept several types of tool blocks. The cutting process is a cold-cutting one, so there is no heat affected zone! The PROTEM CTA provides outstanding quality of the weld end preparation, and provides the ideal machining solution for many diverse and demanding industries, such as, Nuclear, Power, Oil and Gas, Tube and Pipe Processing, Pipeline and Chemical.

Among the many advantages of the PROTEM CTA High Speed Cutting and Beveling Machines are; increased productivity due to savings in tube transportation times, a fast return on investment, proven efficiency, automatic programming of your machining operations, self-centering clamping, extremely powerful electric motors, maximum reliability, the ability to be used in extreme conditions, high accuracy, easily handled and set up, a high production rate, optimum stability and a versatile, modular design. The CTA machines can be equipped with any or all of the following features and options: Multifunctional control panel, automatic prism clamping system, tube conveyors, tube storage table, lifting table, chips conveyor, lubrication device and an internet connection.

The PROTEM CTA series of machines is ideal for any industry or project where the weld quality is critical and projects must stay on schedule!IMT_Dec15_Jan16.indd IMT_Dec15_Jan16.indd

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